Animelea/adoptedalien/renzik/Granis25/Granis255/Lizzie/ Samantha/Clawshrimpy/Christopher McGee is an Abusive, Transphobic, Gaslighting Pedophile, And Here’s Why





Disclaimer and Content Warning

Everything within this document was sourced independently. Please keep that in mind when reading through it.

This document contains discussions of suicide, pedophelia and child sexual abuse.




PART 1 – Red Flags:

PART 2 – Chris’ online personas and behaviour:

PART 3 – Chris has difficulty keeping their stories straight:

PART 4 – More Red Flags:













PART 5 – Chris keeping questionable company:

PART 6 – Chris’ feud with HBomberguy:

Part 7 – SomethingAwful forum thread:

PART 8 – Emotional manipulation

PART 9 – X is Garbage, And Here’s Why:

PART 10 – Inconsistencies abound:

PART 11 – Transphobia and Misogyny:

PART 12 – Social Capital and hypocrisy



Chris is a predator who has been documented trying to solicit inappropriate sexual roleplays for years. Many people including minors have come forward with reports about their behaviour and when confronted with it Chris gaslights them and becomes abusive. They have been caught lying about their age on several occasions (claiming to be 17-26 when they are really around 33/34 – + + ) and sending their friends to harass people they see as threatening to expose their predatory behaviour. They are emotionally manipulative to the point of abuse, going on furious tirades if they suspect that their nature is being questioned or that people are losing trust in them. They have also displayed a disturbing and myopic focus on artwork and stories involving young boys (and generally underaged characters) in sexual, often non-consensual situations.

What Chris actually looks like: selfie


It also appears that Chris uses a separate account to evade blocks: this account is likely to be at or @Granis25.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 8.44.23 am.png

Granis25 Twitter archive

Chris’ Twitter as @Granis25


Chris’ tweets as Granis25:

@nomnombrainz Feel silly making a Twitter for this, but did you get my LJ PM? Haven’t seen you around, still wondering if our RP is still on Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.51.45 am.png

@nomnombrainz Ah, what about Mississippi? I have family there. 😦

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.55.32 am.png


@nomnombrainz Sorry to bug you again, but did you get my messages about our RP, just have not heard from you about it, sorry for bugging you

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.58.22 am.png

@nomnombrainz Hey, been trying to get a hold of you, I was wondering if we could still do that Digimon RP whenever you’re feeling better

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.49.44 pm.png


PART 1 – Red Flags:

Chris specifically asking for underaged roleplays (2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2012 – 2011 – 2010 – 2008):

  • Digimon RP?  (Aug 21 2017, 9:42 AM) – includes underaged characters
  • m/m original yaoi rp? (Sep 28 2016, 9:18 AM) – includes underaged characters + outfit kink + lies about age
  • yaoi_im_rp  (Jun 3 2012, 5:09 PM) – specifically outlines a shota kink
  • Jenkato RP? (Nov 13 2010, 11:38 PM) specifically interested in underaged characters

PART 2 – Chris’ online personas and behaviour:

Chris using the username granis25 on reddit –

Chris using the username granis255 on plurk –

Chris using the username Lizzie/granis255 on LiveJournal –

Chris using granis25 on LiveJournal –  

Chris using the ‘Lizzie’ and ‘renzik’ monikers on LiveJournal to advertise for roleplays – A private musebox for Inazuma Eleven (Dec 24 2010), and in one of the first documented instances of Chris advertising roleplays on LiveJournal, they went as: “Samantha, Sammy, Sam-chan, or just Sam.” – (Feb 20 2008, 4:54 PM), as well as on Deviantart; this page includes comments they made on various drawings, including timestamps –

There are very particular elements that are always common to Chris’ roleplaying habits; these include young boys, meticulous details of their clothes (often tight sportswear), writing from the point of view of a submissive character, having said character ganged up on by multiple people and/or dominated by a stronger one – as can be seen in this piece of writing (Dec 25 2010, 12:03 AM). The roleplay itself is continued in the comments section of the post. This fanfiction posted by Chris also demonstrates identical elements to the previous work – (Dec 24 2010, 10:40 AM). Akira, a character often seen in Chris’ roleplays, is described here – (May 29 2011, 12:06 AM). More evidence of the athlete/athletic/school kink here (Nov 27 2014, 11:20 PM) and here (Jan 21 2015, 7:40 PM). In this post of the ‘ukeadoption’ page of LiveJournal, Chris solicits a roleplay where they play a schoolboy character – (Mar 16 2011, 4:27 AM). They specify that “shota is a must.”

Another example of Chris roleplaying with an underage character, this time from their favourite anime – Mamoru Amami | GaoGaiGar (Jan 18 2014, 02:23 AM). Chris clarifies here that they are above 18 years of age, presumably to mollify the moderators. Here, they go by Sam, or Silver. The character is 12-13 years old, as stated directly by Chris. More evidence of Chris’ particular infatuation with this anime – (Feb 14 2010, 3:51 PM)  + (Dec 14 2010, 1:52 PM) + (Aug 12 2014, 06:27 pm – Jul 30 2015, 3:21 PM). In this post on a GaoGaiGar LiveJournal page, Chris claims to be a ‘fangirl’, unable to resist writing naughty things about ‘shotaro boys’ like Mamoru (Feb 2 2010, 6:49 AM). +

Chris advertises for a Digimon roleplay with underaged characters – Any Koushirou writers feel up for an RP/Roleplay? (Jun 15 2011, 03:07 AM). It was posted on a page containing suggestive drawings of underaged characters by other users. The same roleplay idea was advertised here – (Jun 25 2010, 8:48am). As far as it can be seen, that was the only post they submitted to that forum. A Digimon fanfiction containing the clothing fetish common to Chris’ work – (Dec 1 2008, 6:41 AM). Chris kept a sportswear fetish-related tumblr blog called ‘straysoccerball’ where they both advertised for roleplay and roleplayed at length – (Oct 21 2012, 12:43 AM – Feb 1 2015, 6:56 PM). Another instance of Digimon-related roleplay; Chris’ character is 9 years old, and the character they are searching for is 11 – (Jun 8 2011, 7:41 PM). Yet another – (Sep 17 2015, 10:08 PM).

Chris also posted roleplay advertisements on DA – (Oct 11 2012, 2:34 AM). In 2015, Chris posted on a LiveJournal page called RPPartnerFinder, searching for people to roleplay in the Pokémon fandom with – Pokemon m/m ship cravings! (Feb 20 2015, 1:08 AM). Unsurprisingly, the characters they were comfortable roleplaying as/with were underaged boys. Almost all the characters used by Chris in the roleplays they advertise for are submissive young boys; however Chris will occasionally search for roleplays involving girls. These characters are usually underage as well. There is also evidence of Chris requesting, and receiving, art of underaged characters:

  • Looking for artists to draw an underaged character ‘for a friend’ – (Nov 21 2009, 7:03pm)
  • A drawing commissioned by Chris involving two underaged characters – (Oct 7 2009, 10:53 AM)
  • A drawing commissioned by Chris, under the name of ‘Heather’; this art is seen in multiple instances of their roleplays – (Sep 13 2009, 6:41 AM)

Proof about their discord –

Admitting they did roleplay on LiveJournal –

Using mental health as an excuse to gain pity from people:

Attempting to split hairs about liking little boys-

Clawshrimpy admitting on PA forums that they like roleplaying as young boys –

Demonstrating their affinity towards little boys – +

People calling them out on their actions (including the minor they tried to gaslight their RP partner with):

Archive of their photobucket page –

Getting their friends to harass someone –

Another example of their clothing fetish – + other kinks –

PART 3 – Chris has difficulty keeping their stories straight:


Talking about their age on PA forums:

Lying about not posting on PA:


Gaslighting on whether their roleplay was hacked/that they didn’t know they were roleplaying with a minor vs. they didn’t roleplay at all and were framed:


Gaslighting and justifying roleplaying scenarios with minors:

Lying about their age, again – + (Jun 9 2016, 11:41 PM)

Gaslighting and arguing that a minor was trying to frame them – (Aug 21 2018, 6:37 PM)

Advertising RP on discord – Chris’s M/M fandom rp ad (Aug 17 2018).  

Retweeting posts from a user vehemently opposing Twitter’s ban on drawn child pornography – + the thread itself – – In their latest answer, Chris vehemently denies lying about their age even though it can clearly be seen in the Twitter DM with their friend (via the Cinna document) that they admit to lying about their age, that they are in their 30s, and that they concede this dishonesty is a problem that they should talk to someone about, as seen below.

Attempting to justify their roleplays/fiction as ageplay/regression, inadvertently admitting to the exact roleplays they previously vehemently denied –




Attempting to outright deny the contents of this document –

Being deliberately obtuse about their actions, especially with regards to the sexual content of their roleplays/fiction –

Chris’ YouTube channel’s liked videos playlist includes a song called ‘Shota = Release’; the general summary of the song (which is sung by the Vocaloid software voice Kagamine Len, emphasised to look and sound like a 14 year old boy) is of said Vocaloid persona/submissive young boy asking to be raped

Chris has also denied that they have an AO3 account, which is an easily debunked lie:

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 8.53.30 am.png

AO3 Pseuds

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 8.54.43 am.png

They have also continued to fish for more roleplays on Reddit – Reddit roleplay advertisement, 11th August 2019

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 9.01.24 am.png

And on tumblr via FYRA’s Partner Search, as of 22 August 2019 – tumblr roleplay advertisement.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 9.49.21 am.png


In case Chris tries to delete their Barbermonger page where they were looking for roleplays as recently as October 17 2019, here is an archived version:

Granis25 Barbermonger pageScreenshot_2019-10-30 Viewing Profile - Granis25.png

PART 4 – More Red Flags:


A list of servers Chris has been active in as of 1 September 2019: Discord server list.

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 10.03.08 am.png

This is a Google Doc exposing just one of Clawshrimpy’s roleplaying situations and the ensuing fallout – Clawshrimpy’s RP with Cinna (Aug 16 2018, 6:23 PM) – it includes them agreeing to fake the situation in which they had been hacked (which was their defense to being caught in an underage roleplay), lying about their age repeatedly and gaslighting a friend about it.

A tweet by Cinna which includes an image showing the beginning of their roleplay, with Chris initiating the conversation – (Aug 18 2018, 11:21 PM).

Archived link of Chris soliciting a roleplay on LiveJournal on that date – (Jan 31 2019, 9:35 PM), under the ‘Lizzie’ moniker.

Another link of Chris looking for a roleplay partner on tumblr the next day – (Feb 1 2019, 12:38 AM).

Screenshots of Chris roleplaying using minor characters and being dishonest about their age as recently as Jan 31 2019:

This is an archived link of a tweet Chris posted on April 2, 2018. It contains one of the images that appeared in the roleplay with Cinna, as well as them talking about their sportswear fetish.


If they are to be believed, this tweet would imply that they had been ‘hacked’ since April.

Here are logs from a Discord roleplay that occurred on March 18, 2019. It is by far the most incriminating roleplay of all as Chris not only once again lies about their age, they directly address this document and their connection to it.




Chris drops the ball here.

Here is a tweet from November 26, 2018, where Chris angrily insists that they are in fact 26:

After they lie about their age, they are asked this:

It is clear that the Clawshrimpy in this conversation is the ‘real’ Clawshrimpy – in other words, they have not been hacked.



They were then asked:

How was their account hacked if they are using it now to do the same roleplays they denied taking part in?

Their response:

Keep in mind, Chris did not ask their partner how old they were at any point during the roleplay.

Above is a .gif file of the entire roleplay conversation on Discord, along with links to imgur.

Chris freely admitting to their roleplaying behaviour (that they had previously vehemently maintained occurred through a hack) is now ‘made-up’.

Their own words are now a ‘literal fabrication’:


Chris’ muse is canonically 14 years old. –

Above is a screenshot taken from a livestream uploaded to Chris’ YouTube channel on April 16, 2018. The screenshot of their desktop clearly displays an image file named ‘sporty track outfit.jpg’, the same picture used in the roleplay on August 16 2018, with Cinna, and the same one they tweeted about on April 2, 2018.  

On the 24th of March, 2019, Chris entered into yet another roleplay; same premise, same characters – yet this time they seemed to have some level of forethought and might have considered their previous roleplay experience. However, they slipped up once again.


Here is the link to the imgur album Chris linked during the Discord chat:

The pictures will be added below.

For comparison, here is an archived screenshot of their Photobucket page:

Keep in mind that Ash Ketchum is ten years old. Chris is essentially reiterating the ‘lolicon’ argument – the characters may look and sound like children, but are actually not underage. This argument falls apart very quickly for a number of reasons, chiefly: why do the characters need to look like children in the first place?


Comments posted from the same DeviantArt account they linked to in their roleplay:


















More of Chris’ fanfiction:


‘Up on Funbari Hill’:



‘Chris’ Story’ – Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:

























































Chapter 3:
































































Link to the fanfiction:




Link to the fanfiction:














































































































































Link to the fanfiction:





























Link to the fanfiction:



The image linked by Chris:














































manta-chan (

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.40.13 pm.png (

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.43.30 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.43.33 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.43.40 pm.png (

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.47.04 pm.png


PART 5 – Chris keeping questionable company:

Laurelai Bailey talking to Clawshrimpy’s close friend Shotagonist:

Shotagonist/Clawshrimpy’s former boyfriend:

Andrea Ritsu, a trans woman who has been called out for writing sexual fiction involving minors:

FJThom, acquainted with another predator, eevee:

BubblegumBatty, a literal pedophile who is friends with @FOURLUNG, another incestuous pedophile who at one point attempted to abduct a minor:

Clawshrimpy posted recently on Mastodon and follows Laurelai Bailey:

PART 6 – Chris’ feud with HBomberguy:

It seems to have started on the SomethingAwful forums, where Clawshrimpy was a member. After they repeatedly got into trouble for aggressive behaviour, a moderator there set up a “challenge thread” where Clawshrimpy was to watch an anime and talk about it, in the hopes that they might accept there are other valid points of view (archived below).At some point the thread got onto debating a moment where a character punches their friend to stop them shooting themselves. Harris, who only a few weeks earlier had walked in on a friend who had killed themselves commented that it’d be better to stop the anime suicide at all costs. Clawshrimpy, who apparently has some history with being suicidal in the past, argued it’d be better to let someone die than use physical force to prevent a suicide. Clawshrimpy increasingly lost their temper during the conversation as other users joined in, some less “diplomatic” than Harris was. They were eventually banned for the flamewar that could potentially have ensued. This is the origin of the “gaslighting” accusations Clawshrimpy throws out; that because people disagreed with their belief that it’d be better to let someone kill themselves, they were being “gaslit”. This accusation has continued to the present day and is the primary designation of the victimisation that Clawshrimpy seeks. Below are screenshots taken from all of Hbomberguy’s posts in the thread, followed by archives of the entire 35-page thread itself. Relevant links are highlighted. The timeline of the forum discussion is also important. Chris’ feelings about the scene are made clear here:




Part 7 – SomethingAwful forum thread:

After 35 pages of fruitless discussion, the thread was closed and Clawshrimpy was banned. The exchange happened amicably, but there was an admission that things could potentially have gotten worse.

At no point in the thread is any overt antagonism of Clawshrimpy by Harris made clear or acknowledged by other posters. The tone of the thread was largely apologetic; this was shared by most parties.





PART 8 – Emotional manipulation

Presenting a persona of victimhood:


Chris’ attitude when presented with criticism:


With reference to statements made by Chris themselves, it becomes clear that they are only content with inhabiting a reality in which what is true and what is not is determined by them alone. Their answers demonstrate some level of solipsistic thinking, which is then compounded by their refusal to accept criticism be it from anonymous users on the internet or their own therapist.

Posts about their therapist:






These videos are emblematic of the stance Chris takes in situations involving online arguments. Chris will always couch their accusations in moralising, social justice-adjacent language. Terms such as ‘ableism’, ‘dogwhistle’ and ‘gaslighting’ are frequently used. However, their use of these terms is uninformed and questionable at best when it later becomes clear that they do not argue in good faith and prefer to instead create scenarios out of thin air to justify changes in perception or to rationalise actions they were previously criticised over. Chris will change their opinions about a topic with no prior explanation and then stridently maintain that they had held these opinions from the beginning. Examples of this behaviour will be discussed in part 9 onwards.

A salient point to examine here is Chris’ willingness to literally threaten Harris with death.






The actual threat that Chris made:



Justifying a death threat as a ‘moment of weakness’:


PART 9 – X is Garbage, And Here’s Why:

Amongst the litany of accusations that Chris throws out against those who they feel have wronged them, one of the most well-known is that of the titles to Harris’ videos. For years, Chris has pushed the narrative that the format to Hbomberguy’s popular video series ‘X is Garbage, And Here’s Why‘, was actually copied directly from them via a blog post in 2012.

One important thing to take into consideration is not only the nature of Chris’ accusations themselves but the manner in which they are made and, in particular, the timing of these claims.

Here is a link to the original twitter thread from April 1, 2018, calling out Harris for this perceived slight:



Subsequently, on April 5 2018, they went on to make a post on reddit about the same issue:




Then, on April 11 2018, they posted a short two tweet thread on Twitter, again about their calling out of Harris over the video titles. This particular tweet is very important, as it transparently demonstrates the volatile qualities of their accusations.


Here, Chris accuses Harris of either mocking the callout or lying about how the video title format directly references Chris themselves.

It is at this juncture that Chris happens upon a problem without realising it, and thus unknowingly destroys their own credibility.

This is a link to Harris’ original Tumblr post regarding the titles to his videos:

Pay close attention to the date it was posted – September 23, 2017. Over 6 months had passed since the original Tumblr post where Harris lays out that the idea for the titles to some of his videos are inspired by generic clickbait found on the internet, but Chris uses this particular Tumblr post as proof that Harris was either alluding to their callout or somehow knowingly referencing their video review of Gurren Lagann.


Here is a tweet from May 1, 2018 where someone calls Chris out for this incongruence:

They never addressed this, instead saying: “it’s important to just listen and believe.”

Consider the following tweet, posted on September 2, 2016:



Compare that to these YouTube comments, that Chris screencapped here:



These comments refer to a specific post left on KiwiFarms on April 10, 2018.



The second screenshot contains comments made by Chris on Hbomberguy’s video ‘Outsiders: How To Adapt H.P. Lovecraft In the 21st Century’, that they later screencapped and tweeted about here:   

An archived link to a conversation Chris had on Mastodon, discussing the injustices perpetrated against them by Harris:


Below is a comment left by Clawshrimpy on Jim Sterling’s video about THQ Nordic, released on Feb 28, 2019:





From a YouTube video of one of Chris’ livestreams from April 1, 2018:

Interesting that they should feel so strongly about Harris making fun of someone misspeaking when they mock someone for not being able to pronounce a word correctly:


An archived link to a tweet thread rationalising the elasticity of their arguments:


Chris explaining the situation from ADTRW in a livestream on the day of the callout (April 1 2018):

They go on to say that ‘Hbomb did quite a bit of mocking on that thread’, before hurriedly assuring viewers that their Gurren Lagann review came up, and that indeed was where Harris got the idea for his video titles from. No further explanation was necessary.

“Harris mentioned that it was telling that Chris identifies with characters who hide from their problems.” – This is a claim made by Chris during the livestream, but it is pointedly false. This is just one example of Chris simply inventing statements to attribute to Harris in order to fabricate an argument or narrative against him.


Chris hypothesising that it may be an unintentional dogwhistle(?):


The specific Gurren Lagann review that Clawshrimpy refers to as the core of this whole debacle was hosted on Tumblr. The link is dead, but it can still be searched up on Google. No archives exist that record it before the blog was deleted. As can be seen from the screenshot, the review dates back to July 28, 2012. This is one of the only real pieces of evidence that Chris has to supplement their claim, but even that does not work since the title misses out the word ‘and’. Chris’ entire argument rests on their empty claims, conjecture, inference and a dead link.

Chris cites defamation as one of the repercussions stemming from the ‘inside joke’:

The legal definition of defamation under common law – a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed. Among other things, this suggests that Chris does not know what defamation means.

If another reminder was needed about their reliability, here is a tweet from June 14 2018, where Chris lies about their age. Again.

All of Chris’ anger and resentment towards Harris over the past year or so becomes interesting when one considers that less than two years prior, Clawshrimpy thought of Harris as a friend. Again, timing is important.






Now that it has been established that Chris is so committed to pinning some form of transgression on Harris that they will disregard basic facts in order to bolster their arguments with ammunition, it is important to ask why this is.

Chris changes opinions at the drop of a hat. They maintain that Hbomberguy has been harassing them since 2015 via the ADTRW thread on SomethingAwful through repeated instances of ableism and gaslighting, but are unable to provide a single piece of evidence to back them up, aside from vague assumptions and vitriolic assertions.

It is important to question why Chris continues to insist that only their version of events is valid and should not be questioned while their own behaviour is so demonstrably inconsistent.  

PART 10 – Inconsistencies abound:

Another piece of ‘evidence’ that Chris uses every time they want to bolster their argument is a link to a CuriousCat answer by Harris:






Denying the existence of any fanwork under their name:


Falling back on name-calling when holes in their arguments are pointed out:


Attempting to understand a situation better by pointing out clear errors in reasoning is gaslighting:




The picture mentioned in Part 4 when Chris was setting up a roleplay with Cinna:

Admitting to being into shota:


Chris endorsing more falsehoods about their age:

Their roleplay advertisement stating their age was 24:

Chris claims that Harris is okay with rape apologia to ‘defend shows he likes’, conveniently ignoring the fact that Harris had changed his opinions about this particular show a year earlier.


Chris’ LiveJournal roleplays were made in 2005, when they were supposedly underage; however, by their own admission from September 2006, they were 21:


Note the discrepancies between lying about their age during the fallout from being caught roleplaying inappropriately in August and having to deal with accusations of pedophilia.


Chris is making an effort to be better, if one ignores the hundreds of furious posts proving otherwise; every claim about them is a ‘fascist op with no truth’:

Someone makes a good point here:

Chris needs to ignore negative feedback because it makes their callout look like what it is:




Chris’ selfishness really makes an appearance in this tweet:

Cheering for the loss of peoples’ jobs does not make someone a bad person. Also note Chris’ familiar tactic of falling back onto buzzwords and insults when it is clear they have no real argument:

In context ( this was about the death of a fictional character in a video game that Chris liked. Because the character died, their treatment in the game was ableist and justified the developers losing their jobs.

A tweet thread calling them out in detail:

Chris’ retort: ‘You don’t want to believe me because you’re a fan’:

Once again getting caught out for having no evidence:

Disagreeing with Chris is ‘gaslighting’ and ‘denying their victimhood’:

Calling out people with no evidence whatsoever besides vindictive rage and projection is completely justified:

Chris presents the most damning piece of evidence they can find:



Chris recounts their abuse to a friend in oddly specific detail:

Chris insists that their masochism is a claim invented totally by the parties out to harass them:

Which leads to an interesting contradiction:

These are just two examples. More are available in parts 2, 3 and 4 of this document.





Chris does not seem to appreciate the concept of the burden of proof:





Chris has a fixation with feminine boys:


This is Chris’ entire attitude in a nutshell:







PART 11 – Transphobia and Misogyny:

It would be easy to write off Chris’ actions and behaviour as committed by someone under serious paranoid delusions and leave it at that. There is substantial evidence that they are often dishonest, even to people they claim to trust (and who trust them). It is therefore simple to ignore these events as the results of a person engaging in problematic behaviour on the internet. This is not exactly uncommon.

It is however disingenuous to imply that this casual inventory of Chris’ situation would be  sufficient to wholly understand it. The fact remains that Chris is not only a danger to themselves, they are a danger to others as well. This is a result of many interconnecting elements, most pertinent of which is the way Chris constructs layers of victimhood to rationalise the idea of their ‘harassment’ and to justify their continued refusal to entertain any criticism about themselves. The way Chris does this is insidiously simple. They situate whatever term of victimhood they believe to be most effective in manipulating the mechanics of an interaction central to their criticism which then essentially renders them immune to any form of criticism whatsoever.

Consider this tweet:


Chris centers the argument around various facets of their identity, as opposed to directly addressing the source of the issues – their behaviour. Far from the model of someone who understands issues regarding social justice, Chris demonstrates time and time again that their awareness of the community they claim to be a part of and obsessively champion is shallow and perfunctory. Any disagreement directed towards them is twisted to be an attack on their constructed identity.

They operate on the assumption that the mechanics and outcomes of an interaction or conversation hinge upon the identities of those having the conversation rather than the ideas that are shared or discussed. In essence, Chris assumes the perceived disparity between themselves and Harris to be what spurs people to ‘take a side’ – the fact that Harris is a white, neurotypical cis male makes his actions ‘worse’ and therefore actionable.


As an example of how Chris considers themselves the foremost proponent of social justice ideals but in reality has no idea what they are talking about, consider this tweet they posted regarding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

This is the only time Chris has ever mentioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during their entire time on Twitter – it is also a good example of how Chris centers almost everything on their ‘harassment’.

The above is a tweet referencing Chris being muted from a trans discord server after repeated toxic behaviour. For context, Chris was brazenly celebrating the death of TotalBiscuit who had passed away from cancer not even 24 hours prior to their rant against him; as a result, this tweet implies that in Chris’ mind, being ‘too anarchist’ stands for lacking basic empathy.


As another example, these two tweets outline when Chris told someone to kill themselves:

This was in response to a poll posted by the user TheAshenCouncil where one of the options was to kill themselves. Chris apparently selected this option as a show of solidarity.

If any more proof was needed to show that Chris ultimately has no idea what they are talking about, here are a list of tweets where they mention Marxism, anarchism, Marxism-Leninism and hardline Stalinism; spoiler, Chris uses all of them in context of their pejorative meanings and does not once talk in brief about even their basic definitions or policies, all the while somehow managing to constantly relate the discussion back to how much they dislike a few specific left-wing YouTubers:



It would be worthwhile to discuss the notion of Chris just being an ordinary chan-user who fell through the cracks of the social justice community via their rudimentary knowledge of its terminology; that their entire online persona is simply a calculated fabrication is not implausible due to their history of insincerity.

This roleplay advertisement from February 20 2008 is interesting for a few reasons:

  • All of Chris’ previously described fetishes are present,
  • They discuss in detail the emotional constitution of their character (including the exact manner in which they cry),
  • They specify that the character they’ve created is named Chris, and mentions specifically how he is picked on, bullied, beaten up, stalked and harassed.

It does not seem too far-fetched to assume Chris had laid the groundwork for their current public personality in this roleplaying advertisement from 11 years ago, and that any further personal developments from that time onwards on their social media accounts were simply additions to this constructed identity.

Chris also has shallow, reductive views on femininity, masculinity and gender that, ironically, could be considered transphobic. Their obsessive fixation with feminine men and boys has been extensively chronicled in this document, but it would be worthwhile to delve further into this in the context of how it relates to their identity, labels and all. Chris makes conscious decision to conflate femininity and boyishness when critiquing media as they have a history of denigrating their preconceived idea of ‘masculinity’ – their readings of media are subsequently often oversimplified and sometimes downright illogical. Chris paints with broad strokes using an even broader brush: the term ‘toxic masculinity’ is readily used to describe decisions or character traits that fall outside of their narrow definition of ‘acceptable masculinity’ – which turns out identical to whatever their definition of femininity happens to be.  


Demonstrating an incredible lack of self-awareness:

Their position on ‘facts’ as a concept is also interesting.

Leaving aside the assertion that ‘evidence’ for a claim is somehow disrespectful, it becomes clear that Chris’ mode of thinking prioritises making vague declarations based on fundamentally flawed thought processes.

This answer is from July 15 2015. Their answer speaks volumes about their limited definition and understanding of the idiosyncrasies of gender.




This may be considered driving the point home unnecessarily, but their justification for their claims is really what puts the ignorance of their positions on display.


Why is this? There cannot possibly be a logical explanation for this statement, yet Chris is content to present it as fact anyhow. Never mind the reality that transgender men can be racist/sexist/homophobic and that Chris conveniently ignores this in order to seem more socially conscious, their crude generalisation of cisgender men possessing ‘toxic masculinity’ while transgender men possess ‘acceptable masculinity’ has an uncomfortable subtext. The implication here is that Chris believes transgender men and boys are ‘good’ because they have feminine characteristics, which is fetishistic and transphobic. It neatly summarises their harmful and reductive views on gender and gender expression. This also leads onto the next point – their views regarding their own non-binary identity are contradictory and connected to their limited binary understanding of gender.

On October 12 2016, Chris posted a tweet with a link to TwitLonger – this was their post for National Coming Out Day, setting out their personal history and an explanation as to their views on their own gender, the nature of being transgender according to them, and their struggles as someone who was not ‘masculine coded’ enough. The entire post will be linked below. It is a valuable insight into how exactly their interpretations of gender, femininity and masculinity are restrictive and constrained into ultimately binary delineations.




A week later, on October 19 2016, Chris posted this:

Chris’ problem essentially stems from how they see gender in an intrinsically binary way, even if they make concerted efforts to maintain otherwise. This extends into the way they regard their own gender expression. To them, to be considered ‘valid’ as a non-binary person means being ‘young, feminine, submissive and cute’ – it is narrow-minded, transphobic, and alarming that they view this identity as, in principle, being that of a young, effeminate boy.  




Chris has contradictory beliefs about being considered non-binary that are completely at odds with the tweets they post about themselves.


Chris sending an inappropriately sexual CC to their newest follower, a 19 year old trans boy

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 2.47.42 pm.png


In this CC question, Chris calls themselves a ‘trans guy’. Once again they cannot help but regurgitate their kinks seen in their fiction and roleplays (submissive characters bullied by an athletic character in sportswear) and once again demonstrates that they have no idea what they are talking about with regards to transgender issues. It is interesting to think that they might be asking this CC question from the point-of-view of the ‘Chris’ character that they have created – an idealised version of what they hope to be, a young and submissive trans boy.


Attempts are made to justify not making genuine efforts to pursue a direction which would reduce their dysphoria but it comes off as cheap and emotionally manipulative, a tactic they use commonly.





Missing the point, again:

Because trans men cannot exhibit ‘problematic masculine behaviour’:

Men would be better if they were feminine:

Someone brings up a good point:

As previously mentioned, Chris does not make the distinction between immaturity and femininity, leading to misogyny:

‘All men should strive to be more feminine’:

Providing their explanation to toxic masculinity:

Their reductive views towards media:



PART 12 – Social Capital and hypocrisy:

To say Chris is opportunistic would be an understatement. Their outrage is largely performative and for the most part exists only for them to broadcast a guise of social awareness and moral integrity.

Consider the gap in time between these tweets. Every negative mention of Peter Coffin began from February 8 2019, even as Chris makes every attempt to ensure that it looks like they have always hated Peter for defending Laurelai Bailey. It was during this time that a serious situation occurred between Peter Coffin, their supporters and their detractors regarding the issue of Laurelai, and Chris made sure that they could capitalise on it in order to enhance their own image in that particular social sphere. The same thing that they did during the situation involving Harris in 2017. Until that incident, Chris’ relationship with Harris was friendly, as mentioned before in this document – they would share Harris’ videos and discuss points he made on their Twitter, even having conversations about things they agreed with or were both mutually interested in. After what happened with Klaus, however, Chris pivoted incredibly quickly and began their crusade against Harris – it is clear why they did this.


Above are a series of messages between Laurelai Bailey and Chris’ ex-boyfriend.


Chris attempting to denounce left-wing YouTubers as ‘ex-channers’ or ‘goons’ (SomethingAwful forum users), of which they are both. Their lack of self-awareness is once again displayed in this tweet.

It should also be noted that all of Chris’ ‘targets’ also have their own KiwiFarms pages, yet Chris seems content to leave this state of affairs as it is.